The right price

We show your practice in the best possible light, to get the best possible result.

We paint a picture of your practice, not just as it is, but as it could be.

Practice Sale Search uncovers your practice’s hidden wealth and potential to buyers, in order to maximise the return you get on your most valuable asset.


The right result

We recognise that, while price is important, it isn’t the only consideration.

Achieving the right result can also be about the personality of the purchaser, compatibility with the team and community, or the terms and timing of the sale. We have an extensive database of buyers, ranging from recent graduates right through to corporate interests.

Practice Sale Search partners with you to identify the success criteria of the sale and qualify the right buyers, so that you get the results you are looking for!

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Discreet and confidential

Practice Sale Search recognises that selling your dental practice is a discreet and sometimes sensitive process. We offer many different service levels of confidentiality and discretion.

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Exclusivity, or the Race to the Bottom

Nov 5 2015 - Simon Palmer - Buying a practicePractice salesSelling a practice

I often get asked by clients, “What are the benefits of engaging one practice sales broker exclusively?  Wouldn’t a competitive process yield the best results?”. The best way to answer this would be to use a dental practice analogy:

Deal Fatigue: The Silent Killer of...Deals

Sep 15 2015 - Simon Palmer - Buying a practicePractice salesSelling a practice

Selling or buying a practice is a major milestone in a dentist’s life – it is the beginning of something new and exciting. But that excitement and momentum can slowly give way to fatigue when there are so many people needing consultation and input (buyer/s, seller/s, landlords, financiers, lawyers, accountants, etc) and administrative and legal processes that need to be signed off on before the exchange.

The internal sale: The right of first...and last refusal

Aug 18 2015 - Simon Palmer - Selling a practice

When a practice owner begins to think about selling his or her business, it often seems that the natural choice for the purchaser is close at hand, in the form of a trusted employee or contractor in the practice. They will often offer that trusted employee the ”right of first refusal” to purchase the practice, before they put it on the market.