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Selling a practice isn’t quite as simple as selling real estate. Let us show you whats involved so you’ll know what to prepare for.

Our Process
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Find out why we're qualified to deliver the services you need, as we outline the blocks upon which we've built our business since 1990.

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Meet the people who will help you find the practice or buyer of your dreams.

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About Practice Sale Search

The right price

We show your practice in the best possible light, to get the best possible result. The picture that we paint is not just of your practice as it is, but how it could be.

Together with your input, we'll uncover your practice's hidden wealth and potential for buyers, in order to maximise the return you get on your most valuable asset.

The right result

We recognise that while the price is important, it isn't the only consideration. Achieving the right result is just as much about the personality of the purchaser, compatibility with the team and the community, and the terms and timing of the sale.

We have an extensive database of buyers, ranging from recent graduates right through to corporate interests. We will partner with you to identify the success criteria of the sale and qualify the right buyers, to get you the result you're looking for.

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Practice Sale Search recognises that selling your practice is a discreet and sometimes sensitive process. As such, we offer services on many different levels of confidentiality and discretion.

In other words: we'll adapt to the needs of your situation.

Licensed and registered

Business Brokers, like many other professionals, need to be licensed and registered in each state in order to operate legally.

This ensures a higher quality of service and gives our clients peace-of-mind that the sale process is compliant with all legal requirements and regulations. If you’ve spent your professional career building an asset that you are selling, the stakes are too high to simply leave this in the hands of someone who isn’t qualified, or doesn’t take their profession seriously.

A wealth of experience

No one knows dental better than us!

Our directors have more than 70 years’ combined experience in the Australian dental industry in practice sales, practice management, recruitment and dentist on-hire. One of our directors is a dentist with first-hand knowledge of what is involved in buying and selling dental practices, having owned several practices over his 35-year career.

We have solid, long-standing relationships within the industry and a deep understanding of all of the moving parts in a dental practice - not just the inherent value of equipment, but also the staff, patient interactions and community engagement. We have been where you are in your career, We have a unique understanding of the complexities, the possible emotional journey and practical stresses that come with selling your dental practice.

Experienced in brokerage

Our company has been selling practices for over 25 years, and does more than 100 transactions per year. Our brokers have represented the full spectrum of dental practices, from small, one-chair practices through to large, multi-chair and multi-site practices, from solo practitioners to multi-equity associate enterprises. Simply put, no one has done more dental brokerage in Australia than us! We know all the variables, moving parts, sensitivities and pressure points motivating a buyer, and negotiating a dental practice sale.

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Not a one-man band

When you engage Practice Sale Search, you aren’t reliant on the time, availability and expertise of one broker. We have a highly experienced team of registered brokers who are committed to getting you the best price and terms for your practice. We’re very proud of the ever-expanding team we’re building at Practice Sale Search. Together we provide a service that is both unique and unparalleled within the business of practice sales. Experience in a wide range of areas allows us to stay ahead of the curve and provide you with tailored solutions to suit your individual needs.

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Our Team

Simon Palmer

Simon Palmer Managing Director

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With close to 20 years' experience in dental recruitment and practice sales, Simon has extensive knowledge of, and insight into, the dental practice sales industry.

A regular contributor to dental publications and journals, he is regarded as a leading expert on practice purchases and sales. Simon runs seminars on Exit Planning and Buying a Practice, which teaches dentists to avoid the many pitfalls of buying or selling a practice, and gives them the necessary tools for a successful transaction.

Simon has a deep understanding of the complexities and sensitivities involved in buying and selling dental practices, and is committed to ensuring his clients get the price, terms and compatibility they are looking for. Simon is a licenced real estate agent and business broker, and has conducted hundreds of transactions for sellers and buyers.

He oversees the entire process, from information and documentation gathering to negotiations, contracts and transitions. He is committed to delivering best practice service at all times, and is dedicated to ensuring that his clients receive the best possible return for their business.

Kevin Koton

Kevin Koton National Account Manager

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Kevin has been a National Account Manager with Practice Sale Search since 2016. Coming from a well-known and respected dental family in South Africa, he is very familiar with dental practice operations, and the pressures that practice owners often face.

Kevin has more than 30 years’ experience in sales and business development in both Australia and South Africa, across a wide range of industries.

He founded and ran his own import/wholesale company in South Africa, until his emigration to Australia in 1998. Over the past 20 years he has developed and managed numerous businesses in Australia, for a number of international brands.

Kevin brings a wealth of business development and client relationship experience to his role at Practice Sale Search. He is dedicated to bringing his clients the best possible price and terms for their practice, and is committed to providing them with the highest level of customer service.

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Lisa Singh

Lisa Singh B.S. Penn State University, RDH, National Account Manager

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Lisa Singh joined Practice Sale Search after many years working for one of Australia’s leading dental corporates.

Lisa has a business degree from Penn State University and is also a qualified Registered Dental Hygienist. Her exceptional customer service and relationship-building skills, together with her passion for the dental industry, have resulted in her building a name for herself as someone with a deep understanding of dentistry and the business behind it.

Lisa has held roles as both Regional Manager and Acquisitions Manager at a dental corporate, where she was tasked with improving the productivity of both new and existing practices, and later identifying, benchmarking and completing the purchase of high-quality dental practices. Her unique background as both a business coach and hygienist gives her insights into the many factors that contribute to successfully selling a dental practice. Lisa is an experienced negotiator of sales terms, and often exceeds the expectations of all parties involved.

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Michael Brivulis

Michael Brivulis National Account Manager

Michael joined Practice Sale Search as a National Account Manager in 2023, after working in dental practice acquisitions and practice builds for two major Australian dental corporate aggregators. Before this, he worked in the financial services sector for more than 15 years.

Michael’s experience gives him a unique insight and knowledge into how buyers (both private and corporate) value and assess practices for purchase. Through his involvement in hundreds of practice purchases, he has seen many vendors miss opportunities to get the best terms and price for their practice, either by being poorly represented during negotiations, or not understanding the true value that their business holds for a buyer.

As a CFA charterholder, Michael has an acute understanding of the financials of a dental practice and how to maximise profit. His background means he is perfectly positioned to appraise and value dental practices, a service that will greatly benefit Practice Sale Search’s clients.

Paul Steele

Paul Steele

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Paul Steele is Practice Sale Search’s New Zealand National Sales Manager. He has held management roles both in New Zealand and Australia, with a diverse range of local and international businesses. From supervising practice fitouts to managing multimillion dollar international companies, Paul’s track record illustrates his ability to provide his clients with a high-quality service that leads to positive outcomes for all parties involved. Paul is responsible for Practice Sale Search’s New Zealand practice sales, liaising closely with their team of brokers and experts. He embraces PSS’s ethos of best practice sales services, delivering his clients a high level of skill, confidentiality and dedication, to bring them the right price and terms for the sale of their practice.

Dr Phillip Palmer

Dr Phillip Palmer BDS USYD, Clinical Director

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Having run his own successful dental practice in the Sydney CBD for 34 years, Phillip has extensive, first-hand knowledge of all the different management, financial and professional issues that dentists face.

Since selling his practice, Phillip has been helping dentists run successful practices via Prime Practice, and is now regarded as Australasia’s leading expert on the business of dentistry. He has performed hundreds of appraisals for practices throughout Australia, and his opinion is regularly sought on the different options available in either buying or selling a dental practice.

His experience as a dentist and practice owner also means he is sensitive to the non-financial considerations of any practice sale, including getting the right fit and compatibility.

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