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There is something for everyone in this seminar - it doesn't matter if you are already an owner of a practice or someone who has zero clue. 

Dr Cathy Wong - Sandringham, VIC - 28 Oct 2017

Very useful day with great information.

Dr Lloyd Varga - Mittagong, NSW - 28 Oct 2017

An incredibly valuable day, well-spent. 

Highly informative, very practical, completely relevant material!

Dr Stephen Ferrett - Kanwal, NSW - 28 Oct 2017

My recent sale of Gloucester Veterinary Hospital might have created some record in your business. It took only 6 days from listing the sale with you to having an interested buyer to look at my practice and then a further 2 days for an acceptable offer to purchase!

From then to completion and settlement of sale it was only 4 weeks.

All communications during the initial negotiating phase were promptly transmitted ensuring rapid  decision making to keep all the channels open

Great service

Our thanks for your successful sale

Dr Arthur Poynting BVSc - Gloucester, NSW - 08 Oct 2017


Overall I'm very happy with the outcome and the timing was certainly right for us.  PSS provided a very useful way of reaching potential buyers with the initial advertising and filtering of enquiries, which was great for me. Level of confidentiality was good. 

Dr Anonymous Vendor, QLD - 23 Mar 2017

I sold my veterinary hospital after many years of hard work building the business. I was therefore very emotionally attached. Simon was brilliant in helping to create a more objective view of the situation.  Simon successfully created competitive tension for me, and I have no doubt that I achieved an excellent sale price as well as terms.  I think anyone who tries to sell their business by themselves looks unprofessional and they are setting themselves up for complications. Let the experts handle it.

Dr Sam Burke - Avalon, NSW - 12 Jan 2017

I just wanted to let you know that I have signed an agreement to sell my practice!

I can't say thank you enough for the help that you gave me. Your advice was sage and practical and I really appreciated it. Your help made a very stressful time much easier.  Given that this is the only practice that I have ever sold, the valuation and sale process was unfamiliar to me and it was great to have your experience to draw upon.

The advertisement in Vets Practice Market Place generated lots of interest and three serious bidders emerged from this.

I will be recommending your services to all who will listen.

Dr Kerrie Lay - Rowville, VIC - 15 Dec 2015

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