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We show your practice in the best possible light, to get the best possible result.

We paint a picture of your practice - not just as it is, but as it could be.

Practice Sale Search uncovers your practice’s hidden wealth and potential for buyers, in order to maximise the return you get on your most valuable asset.


The right result

We recognise that, while price is important, it isn’t the only consideration.

Achieving the right result can also be about the personality of the purchaser, compatibility with the team and community, and the terms and timing of the sale. We have an extensive database of buyers, ranging from recent graduates right through to corporate interests.

Practice Sale Search partners with you to identify the success criteria of the sale, and qualifies the right buyers, so that you get the results you are looking for!

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Discreet and confidential

Practice Sale Search recognises that selling your veterinary practice is a discreet and sometimes sensitive process.

We offer many different service levels of confidentiality and discretion.

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  • Together our directors have many decades of experience and have handled hundreds of practice sales throughout Australia.
  • We have a deep understanding of the concerns, sensitivities and stresses that come along with being a practitioner, and the complexities involved in the purchase of a practice and the following transition.
  • Having directors who are former practice owners means that they have experienced first-hand the conflicting emotions that you may feel when selling your practice. They have been where you are.
  • No one knows the industry better!

The delayed internal sale - exit plan or ticking time bomb?

11 Mar 2020 - Simon Palmer - Practice Sales Vet Practice Sales

A popular exit plan for many vet practice owners is known as the Delayed Internal Sale.

The Icarus effect on Practice Sales

15 Oct 2019 - Simon Palmer - Practice Sales

In Greek mythology, the story of Icarus illustrates the folly of aiming too high. Facing imprisonment in Crete, Icarus was given wings made from feathers and wax, in order to help him escape. During the escape, Icarus ignored the warnings that came with the wings and flew too high in the sky. The higher he flew, the closer he got to the sun…which melted the wax holding the wings together. As a result, Icarus fell to his death.

What we can learn in exit planning from Aretha Franklin and Prince

03 Jun 2019 - Simon Palmer - Practice Sales

On August 6, 2018, the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin died at aged 76, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Not married, Franklin left behind four sons, aged between 48 to 63, a long-term de facto partner, an estate worth about $80 million…and no will.

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