Buying FAQ

To register please use our buyer registration form.

As a registered buyer you need to just email the practice code to or submit a shortlist.

We can then pass you more information and / or the sellers details depending upon the listing.

If you aren't registered we will need for you to register. Click here to register.

There are a lot of confidentiality issues associated with practice sales as often the staff and patients of the practice don't know of the sale. Our Sellers list with us on the condition of anonymity and that we don't pass on their details to just anyone who emails or calls.

Simply put, if you want to find out more about our practices for sale we need to know more about you and we need to know that if we give you the information you won't be passing it on.

Registering and agreeing to our terms of service gives us this assurance.

Registering as a buyer lets Practice Sale Search know what you are looking for so that we can send you alerts as soon as a practice sale comes on the market that matches your requirements.

Practice Sale Search is in regular contact with the vendors and makes every effort to provide up to date information on our Practice Sale listings. From time to time, circumstances may change and a practice may become under offer without updating their listing however a delay of this sort is usually only for a few days.

Our clients have varying levels of concern regarding discretion. As such, we offer different levels of exposure for different levels of discretion. Not all practices are on our website. When they are not listed, we use our database to make individual approaches to buyers who we think will be interested.

If you cant find what youre looking for it may be a good idea to email us and let us know your success criteria. We may have something that is right for you that we aren’t allowed to advertise.

All vendors have a right to know which buyers have received information about their practice but buyers can rest assured that all of our vendors have all signed reciprocal confidentiality agreements saying that they wont be discussing your interest with other parties.

We are happy to talk to you on the phone about the process of buying anytime but all questions about specific practices must be made by email, after you have registered as a buyer. There are two reasons for this:

  • Because we have an obligation to our vendors to track whom we are disseminating information out to.
  • We need to keep track of all enquiries and information we have provided so that we cannot be accused of disseminating false information.

We do not provide a sale price for several reasons:

  • A sale price is often not fixed and is subject to market forces – we do not want to be in a position of under or over-quoting.
  • We would rather get an enquiry, give a price range and hear feedback as to value than not get an enquiry at all because the value is assumed not to be there.

We generally need a few days’ notice to arrange a viewing. Most vendors will want a viewing to be after hours or on weekends, so that they do not happen in front of the patients and staff, who often don’t know about the sale.

The financials of a practice represent the innermost workings of a practice and are generally the most confidential part of a practice sale. We don’t send these out to everyone that enquires. Initial enquiries generally get an IM/summary of the practice and premises. If the prospective purchaser is still interested after viewing the summary we are happy to discuss sending through financials.

We often get a lot of interest in practices for sale, and vendors don’t want to meet 20 different prospective purchasers.

Generally, we are engaged to be a buffer between the purchaser and vendor, until such a time that we have narrowed down the interest to the top two or three serious prospective buyers. Usually, buyers will not get to meet a vendor unless they have put in an offer that is in a range that will be considered.

The ability to get information like this varies from practice to practice with the software they have and how well they use it. When it is available, it is often limited.

No, you don’t need to be a dentist to own a dental practice. We have sold dental practices to and for owners that had no professional affiliation with the dental profession.

This differs from practice to practice. Generally, once an offer is accepted, the lawyers need to finalise a sale contract and a vendor post-sale work contract, applications need to be submitted for premises lease to be transferred, etc. This legal process can take several weeks.

Whether a practice stays on the website during this period, where an offer is accepted but the deal isn’t completed, varies from deal to deal. It is best to ask about a practice, and we can let you know the status on a case-by-case basis.