Market Appraisal Info

Practice Sale Search practice market appraisals are provided by Dr Phillip Palmer (BDS).

Dr Phillip Palmer

Practice Sale Search has more than twenty-five years experience in dental practice sales and conducts an active register of practices for sale throughout Australia. This experience with selling dental practices gives Practice Sale Search a unique insight when it comes to providing an accurate market appraisal of dental practices around Australia.

What are the steps involved?

  1. Request your Practice Market Appraisal
  2. Practice Sale Search will call to confirm details, request clarification where necessary and provide a timeline for when you can expect delivery of your market appraisal.

In order to complete an accurate market appraisal we require the following documentation:

  • A market appraisal registration form completed comprehensively.
  • Profit and Loss statements for the last 2 years.
  • A practice Depreciation Schedule.
  • Any other purchases or refurbishments in the last 5 years not already listed in the registration.
Market Appraisal Request