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As the business owner, I had my opinion on what I thought our Dental Practice was worth.  

The associate Dentist interested in purchasing the practice had an opinion on what the practice was worth.  

The professional specialist accountant working for the associate Dentist had an opinion on the value of the practice.  

The independent Business broker I hired for an evaluation had yet another opinion on the value of our practice. 

With so many opinions on market value, who was right?

So much confusion was making me feel sick, then I thought to myself, why when selling my Dental Practice would I not just go to the experts in the field, the people at the top of their game, the market leaders in Dental Practice Sales, the people who not only know the industry inside and out but who actually do this for a living.......

This is where "Practice Sale Search" comes in.  After a quick call to Simon and a special thank you to Lisa Singh, explaining our practice to her had us amazed at the practices "actual" value on the open market.  With NO advertising and a short number of weeks later', having numerous "zoom" meetings with interested parties, we found our perfect buyer and were under contract at a "Market Value" we were very pleased with.

To anyone considering selling, the commission you pay is only a number....  The extra Value for money we received in the sale was well worth the commission we paid after entertaining so many false opinions.  

Seriously, if you're thinking of selling your Dental Practice, don't leave anything to opinions and chance.  CALL IN THE EXPERTS...!!  You may be pleasantly surprised.

Dr Alison and Billie Steele - Wynyard, TAS - 13 Jan 2021

These guys found a buyer and sold my dental practice in record time DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC!!! Absolute magicians! Highly recommend!

Leonie Van Ryn - Wantirna, VIC - 26 Nov 2020

Simon Palmer recently negotiated a complex and protracted sale of my practice with a highly favourable outcome for both myself and our purchaser. At all times Simon was available and was extremely knowledgeable with navigating a very unique sale.

I would definitely recommend Simon as his experience and professionalism has made him invaluable.

Dr Ross Galloway - Brisbane, QLD - 09 Nov 2020

I have known Simon for several years now and I have to say, Simon is probably one of the most patient brokers I have ever dealt with. He is extremely accommodating and hardworking. It is obvious that he has his clients’ best interests in mind. I would HIGHLY recommend Simon to anyone.

Dr Vineel Singh - Sanctuary Cove, QLD - 14 Oct 2020

Thank you for all your work and finding a beautiful clinic, which was exactly what I was looking for!

Dr Mayumi Inaba - 09 Sep 2020