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Success Stories: McCrae VIC
"I have been interested in photography since my early 20s, it became a passion in my 30s. I love shooting the landscapes and seascapes where I am. Since selling, I have become interested in wildlife and bird photography too. I didn’t have much time to dedicate to this until I sold the practice. Now I have a lot more time."
02 Apr 2024 - Simon Palmer and Harry Nicolaidis - Buyer: Buying Seller: Process of Selling

There are many misconceptions about the role that a deposit plays in a practice sale/purchase transaction. 

Success Stories: Darwin NT
After decades building a successful 2 location orthodontic practice in Darwin, Dr Jeff Swann decided it was time to sell his practice in 2019. Now he spends his time exploring his passions for diving, maritime archaeology and motorcycling. Read all about his story here.
04 Mar 2024 - Simon Palmer - Seller: Preparation

What would happen if a terrible misfortune (health or financial) happened to you or a loved one that resulted in you needing to sell your practice in a hurry…

Success Stories: Balgowlah NSW
After decades running a dental practice in Balgowlah Sydney, Dr Ina sold her practice in 2020 and now spends her time travelling, hiking and starting a new business making brandy. Read all about her journey here:
01 Nov 2023 - Simon Palmer - Seller: Process of Selling

When you are selling your practice, signing the sale contracts is a milestone to be celebrated. It means that you’ve agreed with a buyer on all the variables involved in the price and terms of the deal.

28 Sep 2023 - Simon Palmer - Seller: Timing/ Retirement

Poker is unlike almost any other game, in that being successful is not just a measure of how you play the cards that you are dealt…being successful in Poker is also a measure of the cards that you choose NOT to play. Poker is a game that rewards players that know when to quit. You can see this in the fact that a professional poker player will only choose to play a mere 15-25% of the starting cards that they are dealt, while an amateur will choose to play over 50%.