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Success Stories: Balgowlah NSW
After decades running a dental practice in Balgowlah Sydney, Dr Ina sold her practice in 2020 and now spends her time travelling, hiking and starting a new business making brandy. Read all about her journey here:
01 Nov 2023 - Simon Palmer - Seller: Process of Selling

When you are selling your practice, signing the sale contracts is a milestone to be celebrated. It means that you’ve agreed with a buyer on all the variables involved in the price and terms of the deal.

28 Sep 2023 - Simon Palmer - Seller: Timing/ Retirement

To play poker, a player needs to put money in at the beginning of each hand in order to get dealt their cards. The player then needs to choose to invest further with every additional round of cards that are drawn and with each round of cards that are dealt, the probability of success changes. 

04 Sep 2023 - Simon Palmer - Buyer: Buying

When first-time practice buyers are looking at an opportunity, they are often too focussed on business plans, arranging finance, renovation or reinvestment to spend much time thinking about insurance… 

02 Aug 2023 - Simon Palmer - Seller: Timing/ Retirement

We are often told that the secret to a successful career is hard work, determination, persistence and resilience. What we aren’t told is that another crucial skill in determining the success of your overall career is the exact opposite…knowing when and how to quit. 

We are both about enjoying the journey. We know that by the time we are 80 we won’t want to do much, so live life now – we do not want to have regrets about things we didn’t do when we are old. This is not a dress rehearsal …. “Your last pair of trousers doesn’t have pockets!”
Success stories: Whittlesea, VIC
We have a house in France, and I am planning to spend more time there and with our 3 daughters who live overseas in Monaco, Barcelona and Hong Kong. When I owned the practice and we used to visit, I would always have to be in contact with the practice and my accountant. I was away, but never totally. Now that I have sold the practice, when I travel it is someone else’s problem.