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I appreciate Simon's help during the process of purchasing Westridge Dental practice.

I also should say thanks to the Practice Sale Search team for their support and endeavor they showed till I found this place to buy.

I am happy that I followed your instructions and I hope I can use your help when I try to sell this practice down the track, in a couple of years.

Dr Kayvan Shokoofan - 04 Aug 2020

Having recently purchased a long-established dental practise from Practice Sale Search, we can surely say...Simon and Lisa go above and beyond to help both sellers and buyers throughout the whole process!

Right from the inspection to meeting with the vendor dentist and his staff... everything was well organised and well timed. 

Lisa would help through minor hiccups during the negotiation process and Simon would make sure that both parties stayed happy during the entire process.

If you are looking to buy or sell a dental practise.... rest assured your interests are well guarded.



Dr Deepak Parwani - 25 Jul 2020

Cannot recommend high enough. Kevin is such a helpful person. I and my husband decided to step up and buy our own practice We had no experience of buying a business before. We met Kevin at one dental practice which was up for Sale. We as newbies were standing in the corner. Kevin welcomed us sincerely with warmth, He understood our nervousness and he quickly talked us through the steps on initial preparation for buying the business. Assuming that being the mediator he will be biased towards seller, I was bit hesitant initially, but I can now say with confidence that only because of him we were able to become the owner of a successful Dental practice. He gave us so much confidence. He guided through everything and helped in having a group of people who work for our interest. He is honest and well-articulated in dealing with all the things. It is almost a year in the business now, He continues to provide support. There never has been a time when he was not able to answer our questions. He is knowledgeable, highly experienced and a thorough gentleman.

Dr Ritu Tomar - 10 Apr 2020

Having bought many dental practices through my career, I have become very aware of the turbulence that can occur with negotiations and the unpredictability of the many moving parts involved.
I recently bought a practice on the Gold Coast through Lisa from Practice Sale Search. I was impressed with the way Lisa and PSS navigated the path of this transaction.
It was handled efficiently and effectively, with compatibility between ourselves and the vendors maintained throughout.
Thank you Lisa and Practice Sale Search

Dr Franck Page - 27 Feb 2020

I would like to thank Paul, Simon and PSS for their hard work helping me with the acquisition of my practice. It wasn’t a straightforward, easy transaction. There were difficult circumstances and a lot of hiccups and variables that needed a creative and custom solution. PSS were able to navigate this and get me to the finish line. I doubt that this transaction would have been possible without their help.

Dr Richard Meredith - 17 Feb 2020