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Kevin was always determined to get the 'right' practice for me and he definitely delivered! It felt that he was on the journey with me at all times. Kevin and the team were always extremely professional at all times. They displayed an enormous amount of integrity and helped me at all stages during the buying process, as I was a total novice at this and Kevin really guided me through this and always answered my questions with enthusiasm, even if they were trivial. I am really grateful to him for his support and would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of buying a practice - his expertise and knowledge is unparalleled. Even after the sale, Kevin still touches base with me to see how it is all going and still supports me with the transition stage of settling into a new practice.

Dr Tushar Parmar - 03 Sep 2017

I found this workshop to be interactive, inspiring and educational. It has given me a basic idea of what is involved and I will be reading and enquiring more about it.

Katheryn McKenna - 07 Sep 2013

A well rounded summary of the process and considerations when setting up or buying a practice

Amrita Ranchod - 20 Apr 2013

The trainers were excellent at alleviating concerns and fears about practice ownership. Thank you!

Haytal Makadia - 20 Apr 2013

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to anyone looking into buying a practice. The workshop gave a good overview of important factors that need to be considered before jumping into ownership

David Crowther - 20 Apr 2013