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Thank you for an informative and helpful course, your prior experience helped a lot. Gives me a more objective view of a potential practice purchase.

Anonymous - 19 May 2007

Helped me with better understanding how a purchase is run, and things to consider before a purchase.

Andrew Lin - 19 May 2007

Very good course. Showed me the big picture, and what I need to look at. Answered all my questions – almost all, the rest is for myself to think.

Jiwen Sum - 19 May 2007

Eye opening! I’ve learnt quite a lot of new things today!

D Chung - 19 May 2007

Thanks Phillip for your insight into the buyer's and seller's markets in Australia. As an overseas dentist it is useful to get a feeling for the facts and figures in Australia before taking the plunge.

Anonymous - 29 Jul 2006